"Like One Of Your French Girls"

Self Published in 2017

10" x 9"

112 pages


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  • Limited to only 400 numbered copies, each with a UNIQUE oil paint "sketch" on the back cover of the book, "Like One Of Your French Girls" is the first self-published artist's book by Jeremy Kost. For Jeremy, everyday life assumes the quality of a flamboyant fairytale. His images are alternately verite and constructed, gritty nightlife realism or staged and choreographed fantasies. By taking the characters out of the nightclub and into the daylight, it evolves into an investigation of performance, identity, and becoming. Featuring RuPaul's DragRace stars Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfvck, Detox Icunt, Violet Chacki, Trixie Mattell, Raja Gemini, the majority of these Polaroids were made before the show's meteoric success (largely between 2009 and 2012). Here they are swathed in heavy oil paint, creating a tension between photograph and painting, character and masking, attention and abstraction. Please consider this an invitation to enter their world, one Polaroid and palette knife stroke at a time.

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